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Uchiha Sasuke
23 July
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Basic Information

Character Name: Uchiha Sasuke

Series: Naruto, or specifically Naruto: Shippuuden

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Canon Point: Following the death of Uchiha Itachi, after Sasuke’s collapse.

Misc FYI: what the hell is he wearing anyway, magical ninja abilities.
or so i believe

Sasuke’s personality is a terrible mixture of PTSD, an inferiority complex and a superiority complex. Outwardly he appears collected, often outright cold, and rarely expresses any emotion beyond annoyance. He is extremely driven and comes across as tense and purposeful.

Most people who meet Sasuke nonetheless come to like him probably because he is a pretty boy because, despite his time in Sound, he has managed to remain humane. He has, however, been able to divorce himself somewhat from expressing emotions and devalue his bonds and relationships. He still manages to be a decent leader, if taciturn and impatient, and can strategise well.

As a child Sasuke was mostly ignored in favour of his brother, and thus developed an early sense of inferiority. This only sharpened when said brother told him that he was so weak that he was not worth killing and that the only way to exact revenge was to live a “low life.” On the other hand, Sasuke grew up accustomed to being the top of his class, praised by teachers and admired by peers; additionally, after time in Sound, he can expect with some confidence to be stronger than most people he meets. Thus, he considers those who weaker than him of little interest. Still, he has no real ego: it is just as easily inflated by praise from someone he respects as it is deflated by any sign that he might not be the best or that someone might be stronger than him.

The Uchiha massacre stalled most of his emotional development. Sasuke does not deal with feelings or significant changes in his life particularly well, often choosing to deny the fact that he has emotions rather than work through them in a mature manner. Furthermore, Sasuke has not fully come to terms with the fact much of his need for revenge is fuelled by the sense of betrayal rather than the slain clan; on top of this, despite years of hating Itachi, he still cannot fully separate himself from the child who loved and idolised him.

After his battle with Itachi, Sasuke is extremely confused, since the last thing Itachi did appeared to be the same friendly poke that he associated with the older brother he adored. Upon waking, he will be an emotional wreck, since he has just accomplished his life’s goal but is unlikely to experience any real satisfaction, especially given how inconclusive the fight was. Once he has recovered sufficiently, he will also probably start to focus on killing Madara next, both because Madara assisted in the massacre and because he is too accustomed to having that sort of goal to not settle back into the pattern, given the chance.
when air, or earth, or air

Sasuke was often overlooked as a child despite his earnest desire to be as good as his prodigy of an older brother, whom he hero-worshipped. Both were expected to excel. Itachi joined ANBU at an extremely young age, but soon started having unspecified ‘problems.’ As a result, their father turned to Sasuke. Although the attention made Sasuke happy, it also confused him, especially after Fugaku pointedly told him not to be like the brother he so admired.

Despite this, Sasuke continued to idolize Itachi. Unfortunately, this trust was misguided: one night Sasuke came home to find the entire Uchiha clan killed. Sasuke confronted his brother over the bodies of their parents and was shown through genjutsu exactly how they died. When he ran, Itachi followed, intercepting his path in order to tell him that if he desired vengeance, to “Hate me, run, hide, and live a low life until you can defeat me.” Itachi then proceeded to use the Mangekyou in order to show Sasuke the deaths of the rest of the clan. Sasuke vowed to do as Itachi said and live his life in order to avenge the clan.

For the next five years of his life, Sasuke trained endlessly with this goal in mind. Through a combination of his natural talents and hard work, he became the top shinobi in his year. Both his skills and his looks resulted in a fan-following of girls and boys, which he studiously ignored.

Upon graduating the Ninja Academy, Sasuke became part of Team 7, along with Uzumaki Naruto and Haruno Sakura, under Hatake Kakashi. Over the course of their time together, Sasuke developed strong bonds with each member of his team.

Just as Sasuke was becoming increasingly accustomed to working with his team and developing healthy relationships with them, Orochimaru appeared. Orochimaru gave Sasuke the Heaven Seal, knocking him out of commission. Sasuke remained weak for the rest of the Forest of Death and preliminary fights, except for one brief moment when he tasted the power that the cursed seal could give him.

For the next month or so, Sasuke trained exclusively with Kakashi, during which time Kakashi passed on his original lightning jutsu to Sasuke. Proud of this accomplishment, Sasuke was unfortunately given an unpleasant shock when Naruto not only held his own against Gaara (after Sasuke himself nearly passed out fighting him) but managed to summon Gamabunta. Even though it was during this fight that Sasuke stated that he was “no longer going to stand by and allow those I care about to be killed,” it was also this fight that kicked Sasuke’s inferiority streak into full drive.

Things went from bad to worse when Itachi finally reappeared, only to prove to be after Naruto and expressing no interest in Sasuke. Itachi rendered Sasuke’s Chidori useless and beat him to a pulp before administering Mangekyou again, leaving him slumped unconscious on the ground: a complete crushing of Sasuke’s fragile ego and developing sense of genuine confidence.

The next time Sasuke woke up, Naruto was even stronger. Freshly reminded of his need to exact revenge for the clan’s murder and feeling increasingly as if he had stalled (since even dead-last Naruto had caught up so much), Sasuke challenged Naruto to a fight on the hospital rooftop. By this point Sasuke had regressed emotionally, much of what Team 7’s influence had healed torn open again with Itachi’s cruel reappearance in his life.

Although Kakashi managed to break up that fight and even reason with Sasuke in the aftermath, Orochimaru’s minions had excellent timing, catching Sasuke at a particularly uncertain point and offering him the promise of power. Their strength convinced him that it was necessary to go to Orochimaru.

Even when leaving, Sasuke demonstrated the strength of his bonds in the ways he reacted to his team-mates’ pleas for him to stay: despite rarely uttering gratitude of any sort, Sasuke thanked Sakura before leaving. The fight at the Valley of the End started out with Sasuke pretending that he did not care for Naruto at all, and evolved into acknowledgment both of Naruto’s strength and of their bond of friendship. Throughout most of the fight Sasuke intended to kill Naruto and thereby gain the Mangekyou Sharingan, even driving Chidori through his chest, but ultimately he proved unable to do so, leaving Naruto unconscious and deciding to kill Itachi “my own way!”

Sasuke walked to Sound and wasn’t heard of for nearly three years. His next appearance made it appear as if he had successfully broken his bonds, but later evidence shows that he deliberately misrepresented himself to them – though Sasuke might have convinced himself that he no longer cares, his team clearly still affects him. He then vanished again for a million billion chapters, and reappeared when he foiled Orochimaru’s attempt to take over his body and mind by suppressing the Sannin’s will with his own.

On the way he ran into Deidara, another member of Akatsuki, whom he fought and killed. In doing so he revealed that he had indeed grown much stronger. After Sasuke had recovered from that battle, Itachi sent a clone to meet Sasuke in a cave, telling him the location at which the fight was to take place. Sasuke left his Sound posse to chill with Kisame and set off alone.

During the fight, Itachi revealed the history of the Uchiha clan as well as his own intentions – taking Sasuke’s eyes to replace his own failing pair. He also confirmed that there was another culprit in the Uchiha massacre (Madara).

After many chapters of fighting and raging, it looked as if all hope was gone – Sasuke had used up his trump-card jutsu, the remnants of Orochimaru’s consciousness had been summarily disposed of, and Itachi was advancing with the aid of his last Sharingan jutsu – when Itachi unexpectedly collapsed, apparently dead. Sasuke himself lost consciousness a few seconds after.
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