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& the fire
has a life of its own
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lost something
[retreated up to the roof when the hotel pulled them back, destroyed most of the structures on the roof (how is this building still standing/ventilating) and didn't get any sleep (as usual). fed Itachi the kitten and let him snooze on the stairs leading up to the roof, out of the rain.

taking a breather now that the rain has intensified, bandaging a few minor wounds and contemplating what to do about rather possible internal bleeding, sitting on the highest piece of rubble still around.

and probably still sulky.]
17th-Aug-2008 10:07 pm - 004?? | general broadcast
[looks very carefully and deliberately collected. it's difficult to tell where he is just from the limited amount of the background that can be seen; despite the city's many tall buildings, the only thing visible is sky. he himself looks a little like he hasn't slept since waking up in sakura's room.]

If there is anyone still living at the hotel, besides Konohagakure's seventh cell and myself, inform me.

In particular, this is a last call for Sound-nin; I intend you no harm, but if I discover that any of you have been hiding from me, I believe that all of you know who I am and what I am capable of.

Naruto: what have the frogs said about the barrier?

Sakura: have you learned offensive medical ninjutsu?
10th-Aug-2008 08:05 pm - 003?
[snoozing peacefully enough, even kind of crowded, until a small black kitten decides that his face looks like a good pillow, pads over, and goes to sleep right on top of him]

Mmgh --

[blinks awake, nearly electrocuting everything in the bed on instinct before freezing and remembering exactly what happened before]


[looks around very carefully and goes white]

[after a long, long pause, finally very gingerly picks up the kitten and performs a kawarimi with an extra pillow he has downstairs. can't really expect them not to notice, but at least it'll give him some distance from them when they do wake up; starts heading for the door as quickly as he can]
23rd-Jul-2008 11:55 pm - 001?
What the hell does 'of age' mean?

[HE TRIED TO GET A JOB. At a bar. Despite it being his birthday today, HE'S NOT OLD ENOUGH. B)]
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